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September 25 , 2008 - Devotional: Life Without Boundaries


Are you one who likes to live free from a God of "THOU SHALT NOT"?

When our oldest daughter was very young, she was an early riser (actually all our girls were early risers). Sometimes I would find myself up with her at 4:30 am as she wanted an early jump to the day.

I would take her to our family room which was child-proofed, set up child gates at the openings then crash on the couch as she placed and watched her favourite movie "Bambi".

She was free to roam the room in perfect safety because of the loving boundaries I had set up for her. If she stayed within them, she was happy, protected and at peace with me.

God sets boundaries for our protection - He's not a Cosmic Party Pooper but instead a loving Father who knows our limits, knows what's best for us as well as knowing our sinful nature. The greatest boundary God ever gave was His Son. Those who have a living faith in the living Son of God have a living boundary within them. Through His power we are protected from the harm of sin and set free from its destructive lack of limits.

Sin say, do what you want, when you want, how want and as much as you want - don't worry about the consequences, just live for the moment

God's grace says, stay within the vine which is Christ and you will receive more than you need, all the nourishment and riches and peace of God.

Living outside of God's boundaries is a freefall ticket to the pit of hell. Living within Christ and you rest safely in the arms of Jesus..

Rejoice in the Lord Always!

Dario Ferko

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