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June 26, 2008 - Devotional: Your Flight is Ready for Boarding

"For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. "
(Romans 6:23)


'Henry Smith felt the plane stall. And he knew....
He sucked in his breath.
Lord, be with us. Help us!
The tail of the plane slammed hard, propelling his legs into his chest.
Crunching. Scraping. Wrenching apart. Screams melded together in a unified explosion of fear.
A baby wailed. Henry's mouth was open, but he couldn't hear his own scream above the scream of the plane trying to survive.
An instant of relief.
He took a breath. His eyes shot open. I'm alive! That wasn't so.......
The scraping sound had stopped. The screams fragmented as hope made one last, valiant....
Piercing wind stung his face. He saw sky. No! No! We're breaking ap........
The front of the plane fell away and left them behind. Snow needled Henry's face.
Is that water?
The tail section hit. The impact tore through him. The plane slid.
Grinding metal. Ripping skin. Rushing water.
Searing cold.
And horrible silence as death laughed.'

"American Eagle Flight number 4222 from Buffalo to Chicago is now ready for boarding. Will all passengers with code 1 and 2 on their boarding passes please come forward to board the aircraft. Thank you"

I closed up my book, "The Seat Beside Me" bay Nancy Moser and gathered my bags for the flight. I actually smiled at the timing of the boarding call as I was gripped by the story of a plane crashing into an ice covered river. I felt no fear, only peace because I knew my life was hidden in Christ the Risen Lord. No matter what happened, I was assured of my home in heaven and I comfortably made my way to my seat and prepared for takeoff.

The usual apprehension was there with the increasing roar of the engine, the thrust that drove me backward in my seat and the lift off into the overcast sky, but I was being held in the palm of hand of the Lord and it was in Him I placed my entire trust.

Are you prepare when your flight is called?

Rejoice in the Lord Always!

Dario Ferko

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