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September 4, 2009 - An Interesting Question

"Jesus wept."
(John 11:35)


"God loves you!" -- Yes I've heard that before.
"God cares for you!"--I understand that as well.
"God died for you!"--Uh huh, people have told me.
"God hurts with you!"--What? What do you mean God hurts along with me?

A friend commented that we shouldn't ask the question, "Lord, why are You doing this to me?" but instead, "Lord, why are You doing this with me?".

As my friend said, "He does feel your pain deeply, it cuts Him to the core, just as He and legions of angels rejoice with us in happiness, He feels every iota, every level of pain that we find ourselves in. I don't think it is over dramatical to say that. If He lives within us, and we ourselves feel the pain, how can you separate the two?".

It makes you realize how special suffering is, can we cherish it? Will we grasp the notion that the suffering is for a perfect reason and God is using us in a remarkable way? It makes me understand how Paul could endure what he did, the beatings, the stonings, the rejection, the prisons, the shipwrecks and eventually his death at the hand of Caesar, he knew God was with him through it all, it wasn't for not, he wasn't alone but had the King of the Universe with him every step and stone of the way.

Rejoice in the Lord Always!

Dario Ferko

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