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12 Ways To Save With JD Smith Insurance
12 Ways to Save
1. Check the policy carefully for correct information.
Postal codes, ages and location addresses can affect your rate.
2. Are you getting the additional age discount for mature adults?
3. Check deductibles. Higher deductibles results in savings.
4. Are you paying for coverage you don't need?
If your car is over 5 years old, you may want to take off the collision.
Keep jewellery you don't wear in a safety deposit box.
5. Are you a non smoker?
6. Have you been consistent with one insurance company, or do you switch every few years?
The companies give loyalty discounts.
7. Install an alarm system in your home and car.
8. If you have a small claim, pay it yourself and save your insurance for the big one.
9. Combine both your house and car policies for the extra discounts. Not all companies do this.
10. Pay monthly, or look at a 3 pay policy.
11. Some companies give a 5% discount if you pay your premium in full.
12. Talk to one of our brokers who has your interest in mind.
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Home & Condo Discounts


Auto Discounts

1. Over 45, mature 1. Multiple vehicles
2. Combine house & car policies 2. Combine house & car policies
3. Claims free 3. Retiree
4. Alarm system 4. Conviction free
5. New home 5. Short commute to work
6. Non smoker 6. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AES)
7. Mortgage Free 7. Out of town student for occassional drivers - 100Km or more from home
8. Water prevention - backwater valve, monitored sump pumps 8. New business loyalty - 5 years or more with prior insurance company
    9. Single pay - full payment of your premium

Talk to our J.D. Smith Licensed Brokers today and get all the savings you deserve

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The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in Ontario

We recommend that you install an after market tracker on all of the following vehicles.

According to the Toronto Police, the most commonly stolen vehicles are those with a push-to-start ignition. The city of Ottawa has also seen a rise in vehicle thefts this year, with more than 1,500 vehicles reported stolen within the first nine months of 2022.

This year, SUV's dominate the list of most stolen vehicles, followed by pickup trucks and cars. In Ontario, criminals tend to seek these vehicles:

  1. Lexus RX Series
  2. Honda CR-V
  3. Ford F-150 Series
  4. Toyota Highlander
  5. Honda Civic
  6. Land Rover Range Rover Sport
  7. Honda Accord
  8. Chevrolet GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Series
  9. RAM 1500 Series
  10. Toyota Tacoma

Car Thefts in Ontario and TorontoUnfortunately, Ontario is seeing 130 cars stolen every day. Toronto is the worst area.

The police and OPP, are trying, but are not having a lot of success.

Your Carmakers GPS does no good and will not help with a professional theft.

The best way is to Install a professional tracker hidden in the vehicle.

We’re now seeing, that technology is the predominant way that vehicles are being stolen. Criminals are utilizing tools that are purchased online that can make it very easy.”

Here are some popular theft methods and ways to deter them.

  • Method: Thieves have taken to accessing something called the onboard diagnostic port (ODP) that provides access to a car’s electronic systems. Once they break into a vehicle, thieves can plug into the ODP and program a new key fob. That lets them start the car and drive it away.

“That is one of the biggest methods in Ontario for stealing vehicles,” said Gast. “This is the sixth year in a row that has increased, so it continues to be a rising trend.”

  • Defense: Clients can put on an ODP lock, which covers the ODP port. “Some owners have gone so far as actually putting a dummy ODP port into what looks to be the legitimate one below the dash. The thief plugs into it, and nothing happens.”

Other deterrents are mechanical steering-wheel or gas-pedal locks. There also are immobilizing devices that can be wired into a car’s ignition system. Gast notes these require professional installation to avoid invalidating warranties.

  • Method: Another trend is the ‘relay attack’ which usually involves two criminals using technology that captures door-lock signals on newer cars.

If a car owner parks, walks into the entry of their home and drops their key fob on a table, one criminal carrying an extender antenna walks near the house, while an accomplice pulls a car’s door handle. That triggers a signal to see if the key fob is close by. The antenna picks up that signal and sends back the radio frequency.
“They’re able to capture that and reprogram the key fob and off they go,” said Gast.

  • Defense: There are two primary methods. Faraday boxes or pouches that block key fob signals can be placed inside a car owner’s home or carried in a pocket or purse.

Behavioural changes also help. “These attacks don’t just happen in residential areas. It can happen in a parking lot. Somebody’s parked their car and now they’re walking towards the mall and can’t remember if they locked their vehicle,” Gast said. “Some of these key fobs have pretty good range and the owner clicks their lock button just to make sure. Somebody in proximity with that device can capture the signal.”

Brokers should also tell clients to be on the lookout for tracking tags (AirTags or SmartTags that were designed to help people find misplaced phones or lap tops) that thieves attach to cars they’ve targeted for theft.

“A lot of thieves are walking through a mall parking lot looking for a particular vehicle but there’s not an opportunity to steal it there,” Gast said. “They put their little device somewhere on a vehicle and then, using an app, they track it back to whatever the residence is—and at two or three in the morning they go to work on their shopping list of what they want to take.”

Other ways to deter theft, or recover stolen vehicles, include:

  • Using GPS trackers installed either by dealers or aftermarket repair shops. They can transmit a stolen vehicle’s location and owners can inform law enforcement.
  • Parking in well lit areas, putting the vehicle in a garage if possible and always activating the car’s security systems.
  • Reporting suspicious activity. “If you happen to wake up at two o’clock in the morning and see people walking around [neighbours’] driveways, there’s a good chance that they’re scouting vehicles,” Gast said. “Professional and organized crime groups are canvassing areas, looking for vehicles where people aren’t taking these precautions. Supply chain issues are driving the market [for vehicles] not only nationally but internationally and that’s going to continue to increase.”
  • The main targeted vehicles are Any high end SUV’s, Toyota Highlanders…..Lexus, Mercedes and Range Rovers
  • The best way is to Install a professional tracker hidden in the vehicle.
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