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Our policy TRANSFERS the risk from the part-time driver to the insurer, allowing drivers to carry paying passengers when under contract for a transportation network company.


WARNING - Your present policy does not give coverage for you or your Uber client.

Recent  bodily injury and property damage claims in Ottawa were denied. This puts you and all your assets at a huge risk if someone sues you personally. We at J D Smith Insurance can Help.


Most UBER good drivers will be eligible for coverage.

  1. You must be licensed for a minimum of six years in Canada or the USA.
  2. Your automobile can have a maximum of eight passengers.
  3. Operates for ride-sharing service for only up to 20 hours per week.
  4. No other commercial use of the vehicle is permitted.
  5. The automobile cannot be registered as a taxi, limousine or any other public transportation.

Coverage Limits are available from 1 to 5 million for third party coverage.

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Choose Your Rate Category of
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Make of Your Vehicle:
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Year of Your Vehicle:
Number of Traffic Tickets in Past 3 Years:
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ESTIMATED  UBER X Endorsement Cost
Geographic Area Car Year/Make/Model/Driver 10 Hours a Week driving 20 Hours a Week driving
Hamilton & London 2012 Chev Malibu - Best driving Record $ 583 approx. $ 729 approx.
Toronto GTA Central 2010 Toyota - Best Driving Record $ 692 approx. $ 865 approx.
Toronto GTA Suburbs 2012 Chrysler Van - Best Driving Record $ 536 approx. $ 806 approx.
Northern Ontario 2019 Ford Focus - Best driving Record $ 372 approx. $ 465 approx.

This Endorsement allows you to carry passengers. It will help protect you if you are sued in an accident with a Ride Sharing Driver
The Rates may vary, and are based on .....

  1. The value of your vehicle
  2. Your driving Record
  3. The optional coverage you choose.
  4. We must insure the vehicle and add this unique Endorsement

OUR STAFF WILL ASSIST YOU with pricing and coverage.
WE HAVE MONTHLY Payment Options.

JD Smith Insurance has the solution for Uber Drivers

The Toronto Taxi Alliance says Uber drivers must provide proof of insurance.

Would you take your Uber driver’s word that they’re properly insured? The Toronto Taxi Alliance (TTA) is arguing the ride-share company can’t be relied on to use the honour system, and should be required to prove their insurance coverage to the city before being allowed to operate.

The TTA is arguing that a new committee proposal is too lax on Uber’s insurance requirements which would require that drivers only provide proof of insurance to their ride-share employers while taxi drivers must provide proof to the city in order to have their plates renewed.

Whether the proposal from Toronto’s Licencing and Standards Committee will be passed will be determined this week, as council begins today on whether Uber will be legalized to operate in the city. The proposal, which Uber argues is too stringent, would also require drivers to pay a non-refundable $20,000 licencing fee, as well as take out a $2-million personal liability policy and $5-million commercial policy.

However, the ride-share insurance market is fairly non-competitive in Canada.  Aviva is the only existing provider of coverage, and only up to a maximum of 20 hours per week. The TTA argues drivers are failing to take out any additional coverage at all.

Uber has threated to exit the city altogether should the proposal pass into a bylaw. Currently 20,000 UberX drivers operate in Toronto.
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